The Institute for Child Development (IWRD) is a non-profit organization offering a comprehensive science-based program of therapy for children and youths with autism and related disorders. IWRD develops and promotes comprehensive intervention models based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) that may be used nationally and internationally.

IWRD is the only Polish dissemination site of Princeton Child Development Institute (PCDI) in the US. (link:

PCDI, founded in 1970, is a private, non-profit program offering a broad spectrum of science-based services to children, youths, and adults with autism. PCDI not only provides quality treatment, education, and professional training and mentoring in New Jersey, but through its research, has pioneered comprehensive intervention models that are used nationally and internationally for the benefit of persons with autism. There are five dissemination sites in the world, two of them in Europe (Gdańsk and Istanbul).

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About our cooperation with PCDI:

A special education kindergarten for children with autism operates within IWRD.  It offers a program of early development intervention consisting of therapy for children that begins with the moment of the initial diagnosis and continues until they reach school age.  Children work according to individualized educational and therapeutic programs under the guidance of highly qualified therapists at the Institute.  They also implement the programs at family homes under the supervision of IWRD specialists. Parents of our students are part of the therapeutic team because they regularly observe and participate in classes at the Institute and they conduct therapy at home.  Therapy is designed in accordance with the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  Each program is prepared in great detail by the IWRD professionals and must be approved by every student’s parents.  Each task in the program is recorded once a week and the data are plotted onto a graph.  All changes in behavior (i.e. students’ progress) are analyzed. The main objective of the therapy is gradual and systematic introduction of the child into his or her peer group.  Under a therapist’s supervision, a student participates in peer classes at a mainstream kindergarten that also operates within IWRD.  Initially, the group participation is very short (approximately 10 minutes) and it is gradually expanded as the student makes progress. Simultaneously a child continues to carry out his or her individual program of education and therapy.

In the afternoons, the Institute for Child Development operates a clinic to provide professional diagnostic and consultative assistance to a larger group of children with autism.  All children with various developmental disorders can receive a diagnosis and, if needed, therapeutic recommendations.  IWRD specialists create for each child an individualized program of education and therapy and provide implementation instruction to the child’s parents or guardians.

Furthermore, the Institute for Child Development is preparing a training program for parents of children with developmental disorders which will allow them to gain an in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to actively participate in their children’s therapy.

The Institute for Child Development also conducts research and development programs designed to conduct scientific studies and publish books and articles as well as popularize knowledge about the latest methods of diagnosis and therapy of children with autism and related disorders.  IWRD has initiated joint programs with the University of Gdańsk and other scientific research centers in Poland and abroad – Oslo Metropolitan University.  We have been conducting very successful joint projects with the Gdansk University of Technology aimed at developing special applications for students with ASD and for therapists. IWRD team shares its experience and knowledge by holding training sessions and internships designed for teachers, psychologists and students.

We present a short film about the Institute for Child Development (with English subtitles): 

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