Who we are?

In the Institute for Child Development Foundation we help children with autism and their families:

  • founded in 2006 we operate supported by the Barbara Piasecka Johnson Foundation and City of Gdańsk authorities
  • IWRD is the only Polish dissemination site of the U.S. Princeton Child Development Institute – one of the best therapeutic institution for people with ASD in the world
  • there are four institutions operating within IWRD: special kindergarten for children with ASD, regular kindergarten, clinic and training center for teachers
  • we cooperate with universities, eg. University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk University of Technology, Oslo Metropolitan University
  • we are one of the founding members of Alliance for Scientific Autism Intervention / ASAI
  • we are campaigning for raising autism awareness in Poland

How do we help?

In the Special Kindergarten for Children with ASD we guarantee:

  • effective therapy based on the applied behavior analysis, using  scientifically proven teaching techniques
  • individualized therapy – each child has its own therapist, one-on-one classes, pairs and group classes
  • integration with peers in regular kindergarten (in the same building)
  • cooperation with parents – regular observation of the kindergarten therapy, assistance in home therapy program (visits at home, trainings)

In the IWRD clinic we offer:

  • diagnostic and consultative assistance
  • individualized therapeutic home program, trainings
  • visits at home, at kindergarten/school

In the Teacher Training Center we offer trainings for teachers and specialists, including:

  • diagnosis and therapy of pervasive developmental disorders
  • teaching techniques for therapy of children with autism

Partner institutions which staff is being trained and supervised by IWRD, may apply for a status of „institution recommended by IWRD”

How can you help?

Malczewskiego 139, 80-114 Gdańsk, Poland

tel: +48 58 341 44 41, fax: +48 58 341 44 40
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