The Alliance for Scientific Autism Intervention (ASAI) was founded in 2017 to develop and promote the model of effective scientific treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. The Institute for Child Development is one of the founding members of the Organization, while the Director of IWRD, Dr. Anna Budzińska, serves as a member of the Board of Directors.




The standards promoted by ASAI are based on the scientific research and experience of Dr. Patricia Krantz and Dr. Lynn McClannahan from Princeton Child Development Institute (PCDI).

The Organization works through:

a) disseminates information about critical standards of autism spectrum disorders intervention,

b) provides mentorship to those agencies and professionals interested in implementing the model

c) collects and analyzes data across member programs that enables ASAI to further enhance the model and effective intervention practices for individuals with autism worldwide.

For more information about IWRD’s activities as a member of ASAI, click here.

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