Institutions conducting treatment according to the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis

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The effectiveness of treatment at IWRD-recommended institutions must be scientifically proven. These institutions do not apply methods not documented by research! They conduct their treatment according to the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (behavioral treatment) and meet the following standards:

1. The treatment is conducted according to a certain set of rules:

  • Small children begin treatment individually or in the groups of no more than two
  • There is a planned process of introducing the children to groups by systematically increasing the number of students during the classes
  • All teaching materials for tasks scheduled for a given day are planned and prepared in advance
  • Rooms for treatment are adjusted to the right treatment program

2. Treatment for children and teenagers with autism spectrum disorders involves teaching techniques with scientifically-proven effectiveness. These techniques include:

  • Activity schedules
  • Scripts and script fading
  • Video training
  • Incidental teaching
  • Discrete trial training

3. The institutions document their treatment in the following way:

  • Registering all tasks performed with the children (data collected at least once per two weeks)
  • Describing the treatment programs and teaching materials used during each task
  • Creating programs aimed to develop all deficit areas of the child
  • Registering problem behaviors and describing the course of action in the case of their occurrence

4. Each child has an individualized motivational system:

  • Direct rewards are selected and modified appropriately
  • Token reinforcement systems and choice boards are introduced as the child makes progress

5. At the start of each year, the parents or guardians of the students are informed about educational programs, and at the end of the year, they receive information about their child’s progress.

6. All teachers at the institution are required to pass a professional evaluation each year. The scope of evaluation is determined together with IWRD supervisors.

7. The facility is supervised by clinicians from IWRD.

Recommended institutions are entirely independent entities. IWRD only provides support and advice regarding the treatment conducted at the facilities. The responsibility for the results of treatment and implementing IWRD recommendations lies with each institution.

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